AutoCAD – Reference Scale

As my colleague, Aldred showed in a previous video blog,

it is possible to bring an object into AutoCAD such as a PDF document and then rescale it to size,

just want to show an alternative method that you could also use to do this very similar but may suit some people’s needs a little bit better,

to do this we follow the same steps he took two in order bring a drawing into AutoCAD by using the PDF import,

the main difference being here is we are not going to be using a reference line but in a numerical reference amount

This just helps us eliminate a few steps in the process being that we do not have to draw the line nor specify the points option when we actually doing the reference scale.

















When you have inserted your PDF and you are going to need to have a known length,

I would highly recommend using a dimension If there are any available,

start the scale command,

Select the objects that you wish to scale and confirm,

assigned the base point,

then type R for reference or click the Reference in the command bar,

















Select the first point along the length then second point to define the existing length ,















You can then type in the amount that this length should be if you use an existing dimension,

you can just type in the amount that the dimension is supposed to represent,

















When you hit enter, the objects should rescale to be the correct size.

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