AutoCAD – Ribbon Missing


An issue that crops up every now and then is the missing ribbon,

This can be very annoying as it cripples your ability to do anything unless you use one of the other drawing methods such as command, file menu, etc..

Fortunately, this is normally very easy to fix, especially when you know how.


The most common ways for the ribbon to disappear, is due to it being accidentally collapsed, or closing it by mistake,


Normally the ribbon gets collapsed from double clicking any of the Tabs on the ribbon, cycling the level of information.

A quick indicator  that this is the issue, is that you can still see the Tab names, Home, Insert, etc…

To fix this, either double click a Tab name again to cycle it,

click the dark arrow inside the white dropdown button to force it to cycle until the ribbon is displayed correctly,

The last option is to use the dropdown on the side of the white dropdown and select the correct level of information.





The other one is when the Ribbon has been accidently closed,

this could have been a command that didn’t function as you intended,

by accidently right clicking on it and selecting close,

or most common is accidently undocking the ribbon and hitting the little x button to close it.


You can see the difference below, The Tab names are clearly missing.





Fixing this is also straight forward when you know what to do.

Type the command Ribbon and hit enter.









If all went well,

The ribbon should now display correctly.