AutoCAD – Styles using DesignCenter


When draughting with AutoCAD you want to make sure that your templates are created with all your settings and styles.  Being productive with AutoCAD means that you are able to get up and running with a drawing with all your corporate detail as quickly as possible.  This is what templates are for.

What about when you go into a joint venture with another company.  There might be styles and standards that you share or maybe there are styles and standards that are newly created.

How do you share those if you have already started drawing and you need to incorporate those styles into your current drawing? DesignCenter.

The DesignCenter allows you to copy styles that you have in an existing drawing and copy it into your current drawing that you are working on. The DesignCenter can be found on the View ribbon on the Palettes tab.

On the left side of the DesignCenter, you will be able to navigate to the existing drawing and when clicking on it, it will display the following options to share with your current drawing.

  • Blocks
  • DetailViewStyle
  • Dimstyles
  • Layers
  • Layouts
  • Linetypes
  • MultiLeaderStyles
  • SectionViewStyles
  • TableStyles
  • TextStyles
  • VisualStyles
  • Xrefs

If you select any of these options and right-click you will have the option to copy it and then whilst clicking in your current drawing it will paste that style to reside inside.,  The alternative is to drag and drop the style into your drawing.  More than one can be done at a time.

Once you have completed the style transfer you are ready to present your drawing identity to the world.