AutoCAD – Table Style Part 1


AutoCAD has the ability to create Excel type tables. These can be created from scratch or you can utilise the tables to house external data being imported from Excel.

To access the Table setup dialog box you can either navigate to the Home Tab or the Annotate Tab.

In the Table style dialog box you are able to choose from the different styles (if they have been created) as well as the following:

  • Set Current – set an existing table style to be the current style
  • New – create a new style
  • Modify – Modify an existing style
  • Delete – Delete an existing style

When selecting the different Styles in the left hand column you will see in the preview panel how the table will be presented on the drawing.

Creating a new style is not too difficult.  Selecting New allows you to provide a name for the new style as well as base it off an existing style that you might have already created and you want to just tweak the new style slightly.

Clicking Continue brings up the main window for creating the table style.

In this part of the table style setup in the top left corner you will be able to select a table that already exists in your drawing (look at number of rows and columns) and base the setting off that.  You can also delete a table that you have selected and loaded into the table setup.

On the right hand side you can setup the cell styles for the Data, Header and Title cells.