AutoCAD – Table Style Part 2


The default cells that are created for a table in AutoCAD is the Title, Header and Data cell.  You can also create and delete cell styles as well.

To change the properties of the different Cell styles (Title, Header or Data) select the drop down next to Data and you select the cell name of the properties that you would like to modify.

In each cell you have the the following properties that can be modified:

  • General
  • Text
  • Borders

On the General tab in the Properties area you have the following options:

  • Fill color
    • This will select the color of the background for the cell

  • Alignment – This is where the information that is input into the cell is aligned
    • Top Left
    • Top Centre
    • Top Right
    • Middle Left
    • Middle Centre
    • Middle Right
    • Bottom Left
    • Bottom Centre
    • Bottom Right

  • Format -I have always said in my training that if you know Excel, you know how to use Tables in AutoCAD.  The formats in AutoCAD tables are the same formats that you would find in Excel
    • Angle
    • Currency
    • Date
    • Decimal Number
    • General
    • Percentage
    • Point
    • Text
    • Whole Number

  • Label – specifies if the cell contains a label or data

Below Properties you can specify the margins around the data that is input into the cells as a standard.  This can be modified after placeing the table.

Below you can see the preview for what the data cells will look like if you have the merge cells ticked on or off.



Selecting the Text tab allows the modification of the following:

  • Text Style – select an existing text style or navigate to the text style editor and create a new style
  • Text Height – specify the height of the text in the cell
  • Text Color – specify the color of the text
  • Text Angle – specify the angle of the text in the cell

Selecting the Borders Tab you can control the Lineweight, Linetype and Color of the border as well as if it is visible or not exactly as you would in Excel.