AutoCAD Web and Mobile

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AutoCAD 2020 has been released and there is not that much new.

What Autodesk has done is tweaked AutoCAD to have what everyone has been asking for in a user interface and that is (drumroll please…..) DARK THEME!!!

This really seems to be the THING at the moment and it helps reduce eyestrain as well as save battery power.

I am not here to talk about the new features but something else that has been creeping into our AutoCAD lives which I think should get some attention.

The AutoCAD Mobile app has been around for a while but the functionality was sparse.  Autodesk has been working on this and slowly started integrating the cloud enabled AutoCAD into the desktop AutoCAD.

The first clue you see here is the following:

  • Open from Web and Mobile
  • Save to Web and Mobile

These commands are found in the following locations.

  • Quick Access Toolbar

  • Menu Browser

These options allow the user to save and open drawings straight from their Autodesk Drive.  This makes it extremely easy to share design work with colleagues in the field where all they need is an internet connection to their iPad, iPhone or Android enabled device.

The app is named AutoCAD Mobile app which has come leaps and bounds since Autodesk first started to dabble in the Cloud.

You will be able to download the apps from their respective store:

Apple iStore

Android Playstore

Microsoft Store