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Autodesk introduced Teams into the new Modern UI (it is not available in the Classic UI) where you can assign software into different Teams /departments and then monitor usage from there.

When looking at the nomenclature for the Teams, it will have your name and then a number.  This can be very confusing at first.  To change this you need to select the Team whose name you would like to change and click on the settings button.

This can be done either by selecting By Product or By User on the left-hand side and then clicking on the settings button in the top right-hand corner to change the name of the Team that is selected in your filter.


Adding users is still the same.  A user can participate in multiple Teams but you need to manually add the user to each Team and then assign the appropriate software that they need in each Team.

With regards to permissions, each Team can have its own Primary (only 1) and multiple secondary administrators separately in each Team.  So you can have different users administering their own Teams or multiple Teams.

Moving a subscription package from one Team to the other can only be done through logging a case with Autodesk support.  Please note that when doing this, the users that were assigned to the subscription do not get moved to the new Team.  You will have to recreate them in that Team if not already done so and re-assign the license.

When purchasing a new Subscription on an existing contract, the software will be added to that contract.  When purchasing a new Subscription the software will be assigned to the Team where you are the primary Admin user.




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