Autodesk Account Teams

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If you are a Contract manager for your company you will have noticed that the user interface has changed considerably.  While learning to navigate the new interface, you will have also noticed that they have added new functionality.

I noticed a worrying new functionality that Autodesk has recently introduced.  It’s called Teams.  Now I say worrying only because of the fact that I could see all the software that was available on the contract, but I couldn’t assign any of the licenses to anyone.  The reason for this is that I was looking at the wrong Team in the contract.

Now, what is ‘Teams’ you ask?

Teams is a new functionality that allows you to assign software to different departments in your organisation.  The advantage of this is that you can quickly and easily see who is using the software and who is not in any particular Team.  Another advantage of this is if you have budgets assigned to these different departments it makes life easier organising who owes what and also when in the year.

If you open your Autodesk Account and select By User under User Management you might notice that there are no users.  The reason for this is the fact that you are looking at the incorrect Team.  In the top left corner of the main window you will see Team and a name next to it.  If you select the drop-down you will have additional Teams.  Navigating through the different Teams will populate the main window with the users that you initially assigned when setting up your Autodesk account.