Autodesk Desktop Connector


Autodesk Fusion 360 was born off a need of the industry. Direct modelling was starting to rear its head and Autodesk decided to introduce a little package which worked for hand in hand with Inventor to help it achieve that goal.  Inventor Fusion. How it worked was you would do your parametric modelling in Inventor and then when you wanted to do direct edits to the model, you would launch Inventor Fusion and then do your edits. Once this was done it would be saved and you would be directed back to Inventor to carry on with the design.

After a few releases it disappeared from the Inventor Suite and started making it’s journey to becoming Fusion 360.

Sharing the data between Inventor and Fusion also changed.  It is no longer a one-click journey.  Because the software is now Internet based to share data between the 2 you will need to upload the model via your A360 account and then open it in Fusion 360.  A360

Recently Autodesk introduced a new software app called Autodesk Desktop Connector. This works very much like dropbox, where you are able to sync data that you have on your desktop directly into your A360 account.  It is only available if you have a Fusion Team account. To start off you need to create a Hub and link it to your Autodesk Account. From the hub, you are then able to give users access to the project that you create. The user rights will either be as an Editor or Viewer role.

If you create a project in A360, a folder with the same name is automatically created on your desktop under the Fusion 360 shortcut.