Autodesk Desktop Subscription

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Okay there has been some words being bandied around the Autodesk Universe. Desktop subscription.

What is it and why won’t it go away.   Autodesk has introduced a new type of Licensing model where you can now have the software as a “pay-as-you-go” option. Very much like our “pay-as-you-go” electricity but with Eskom it is more like “pay-and-no-go”. Anyways let’s not get side tracked. J

Up to now Autodesk has used the Perpetual License model where you pay for the right to use it forever and ever and ever. You would pay a yearly subscription and get lots of benefits like support, additional functionality for your Autodesk software and of course you would always be on the latest version from the upgrades you received every year.

If you did not renew your subscription you would still be allowed to use the latest version of Autodesk software that Autodesk had issued you.

So what is the difference between the two. With Desktop if you do not renew you cannot use the software any longer. It de-activates itself.

Why would I choose Desktop?

Autodesk found that a growing number of their customers were demanding more flexibility with their licensing scheme. Customers had fluctuating project and staffing needs and to pay for a perpetual license and then have the software in effect put on a shelf, because they did not need it anymore, was a costly exercise.

In my next Blog I will be going through some FAQ’s and also some questions that we had in the office about Desktop Subscription.