Autodesk Inventor – Object Visibility


When creating a complex 2D sketch and creating a feature out of some of the profiles the sketch will become invisible.  This is what is termed as being consumed.  Even though the sketch has been consumed and is invisible, there could still be some valuable profiles that you have created to produce more features on your model.  So you make the sketch visible and go about your business.  You then create some user sketches, and soon you have a history tree that is full of visible sketches, origin workplanes, work axis and sketches both 2D and 3D.

How did this happen? Well you were probably so caught up in the moment you forgot to turn the visibility off of the construction geometry as you went along.  But now your history tree is long and the thought of turning the visibility off of the construction geometry is making your head spin as it will involve clicking on each line item, right clicking on turning off the visibility.

Let Inventor come to the rescue again.  On the View Tab you have the Object Visibility button.

On the image above you can note all the objects that can be turned off at the touch of a button.  These commands work both in the part and assembly environment.

Please do take note that turning these options is permanent except if you create another instance of the object.  For example, if you have turned all the user workplanes off using the above command and then create another user workplane, guess what..all the workplanes get turned on.  Well easy enough to turn it back on again but be warned.

To turn off visibility “permanently” without switching it back on again when creating a new instance, you need to right click on it on the object in the browser  and turn the visibility off.