Autodesk Inventor Presets

When setting up your Inventor projects from about Inventor 2019.2 you might have noticed a new option under your Folder Options named presets.

Now what are presets you might ask. Below is the official definition from the help files.

A preset is a collection of pre-defined feature properties, including tolerances. When selected, the preset populates its values in the property panel. This enables easy reuse of often used property sets. 

Okay so this is a mouthful but let’s beak it down and see where it is utilised.

With the new panels for the Inventor features you are able to save different configurations.  Let’s look at the hole panel.

At the top you will notice that No Preset is set for the current feature operation.  If you have created holes in any session of Inventor you were in prior to the creation of this hole and you saved that feature as a preset then you will be able to click on the drop down and select it.  It will then pre-populate your holes settings for hole size, type, thread and behaviour.  This makes the creation of holes that are frequently used very quick.

These presets can be moved from release to release.  Make sure that the folders are not deleted when upgrading versions and point the project preset to the preset folder. Also make sure that the presets are migrated.

The preset can also be renamed as well as deleted.  Sorting the order of the preset can be done through recently used, date created, alphanumeric or last modified.  The bottom section of the preset allows you to create a feature using the last used, use the current preset or have no preset to set up the feature from scratch.



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