Autodesk Maintenance to Subscription (M2S) – What now??


You have been convinced that moving your Autodesk software from Maintenance to Subscription is going to to get you more bang for your buck and you are right….but what now.

Once Autodesk has processed the order on their side you will receive an automated email stating that you have purchased said software with a username and password to the Autodesk Account where you can manage your software and the users who have access to that software.

If you did not receive a username email then try the email address that you used when registering the software.  This is the standard for Autodesk setting up usernames.  If you did not receive an email password there is a reset password hyperlink in the username email.

Login into the Autodesk Account and select the Users icon on the left panel.

Management Panel

If you are not using the software and you need to make it available to other users then you need to create a new user.

Add Users Panel

The user will receive an email asking to login to their Autodesk Account and update the password.

Click on edit access next to the main Autodesk Account username and un-assign the software by unticking the Assign desktop product access tickbox.

Assign all services - Products

Click edit access next to the new user and assign the software to them.

To check whether the software has been successfully assigned to the new user log into the new user’s Autodesk Account and check that they have the product that has been assigned to them, in their list of products and benefits.

If it is not there, then un-assign the software from the main Autodesk Account, save the setting and then reassign the software.  Wait for up to an hour and then check again.  If this does not work please contact us at Micrographics and we will gladly assist in getting you up and running.