Autodesk Software install 2022 – AutoCAD Electrical


The Autodesk 2022 software has dropped and I very enthusiastically started to download and install my new toys. Now when coming to the install options they have streamlined the options quite dramatically to decrease the install time so that you can get up and running quicker.

I didn’t have a problem with the normal AutoCAD and Inventor but when it came to the AutoCAD Electrical software I was a bit stumped.  Remember in the 2021 version where you could select what standard you wanted, JIS or IEC or IEEE.  It is not available in AutoCAD Electrical 2022 and this is vital when setting up what standards you want to get the correct symbols in your region.

Autodesk has now put that configuration into your Autodesk account.  When you log into your account you will notice a custom install option in the left panel.

When you are creating this custom install Autodesk gives some nice tips along the way to ensure you can’t go wrong.

Next up you can state that he license type is through the Autodesk ID, multiple deployments if you need to as well as which version of the software you would like to deploy.

The following images show the “normal” settings that you would have had 2021 and below.

Once the configuration is complete you select if you would like to install immediately or if you would like to create a deployment. With the deployment you create the deployment name as well as the deployment image path.

Select install deployment and you are ready to rock n roll.

The executable file is downloaded and you can then run it to download the deployment and all the relevant files.

When I created my deployment I did not get the file path quite right but it did prompt me to correct it when I ran the .exe.