Autodesk Upgrades and Training


Upgrading your software is always a great idea as Autodesk and it’s developers spend a copious amount of time making sure the software is stable and has functionality to allow you to excel in your environment.  With the upgrade one should always look at the additional training that comes with it.  Software evolves and as the UI becomes more streamlined your favourite icon might have been moved as well as additional functionality has been added.

I am sure you all remember going from the Classic AutoCAD interface to the Ribbon interface.  There was a huge outcry as there always is when change occurs.  In my humble opinion it was for the better.  I used my shortcut keys to navigate the stormy weather until I accustomed my brain to function with the new bells and whistles.

Back to the training part.  When doing this transition it is always good to do a bit of upgrade training and that is where your Reseller plays a major part in your day to day.  We normally have access to the latest software before the users and in doing so train ourselves up on any additional functionality that could assist in your day top day operations.

Many companies have started investing in the Collections as this is the most cost effective way of entry to allow for the plethora of software that accompanies Autodesk’s main packages, mainly Revit and Inventor.

To utilise this software and the interconnectedness, one needs to look at getting trained firstly on the additional software that you have received in the Collections as well as how to make the software talk to each other.

We at Micrographics will definitely be able to assist with this, so get in touch with your local Techie or Sales Person and start reaping the benefits of Autodesk today!