Autodesk Vault and Antivirus

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Recently I was asked the question:

“Please would you check with your guys and see if there’s a specific anti-virus (AV) package that they recommend for use with the CAD software (Autodesk Vault) that we use, as it would appear as though our AV is the “root of all evil” here at the moment.”

Now what brought this on?

Copy Design in Autodesk Vault Pro 2014 was giving us some problems. It would start to work and then stopped. After some extensive investigation we nailed it down to the AV stopping the vault Copy Design while it was processing in the TEMP folder. We tried many things but couldn’t get it to work.

So now we are looking at getting new AV, but what should we recommend?

Autodesk does not have any preference to which AV should be used with their Vault software, but they are very specific with what should be done with it when running alongside it.

When installing ANY Autodesk software you need to make sure that the AV is switched off during installation. Very NB!!!

Once the Vault software has been installed you need to add some exclusions to the AV software. If the AV does not have provisions for exclusions it is highly unlikely to be friendly with Autodesk software.

On the client’s side the following exclusions should be made for file extensions, folder paths and processes:

File Type:

  • .dwg & .dxf
  • .ipt
  • .iam
  • .idw
  • .ipn
  • .ide
  • .ipj
  • .adsklib
  • .igs & .iges
  • .step & .stp
  • .sat
  • If you use Autodesk Simulation software: .fins, .fsat, .ftes, .fwiz, .fmsh, .fres
  • Any other file types you store in Autodesk Vault, Microsoft Office file types would be a good one

Folder Path Exclusions:

  • C:\Program Files\Autodesk
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk
  • C:\Users\<<name>>\AppData\Local\Autodesk
  • C:\Users\<<name>>\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk
  • C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk
  • Your default Inventor/Vault project workspace path
  • Make sure the AV isn’t scanning network locations, the server side AV should be doing that


  • Connectivity.VaultPro.exe
  • Connectivity.WorkspaceSync.exe
  • Connectivity.WindowsService.JobDispatch.exe
  • Autoloader.exe
  • JobProcessor.exe
  • ReportTemplateAuthoringUtility.exe
  • Connectivity.JobProcessor.Delegate.Host.exe
  • AppManager.exe
  • Acad.exe
  • Inventor.exe
  • Any other Autodesk CAD Application executables if you start seeing odd performance problems

This is just for the client/workstation side.

If you would like to see the AV exclusions to the Server and Port configurations, Server and Client services and the Server file type, path exclusions and processes, please check out this blog.

It was very helpful in getting some clarity with what exclusions you should be running on your AV when working with Autodesk Vault.

Kind regards,
Aldred, the Mad Hatter