Autodesk Vault Filestore validation


Have you had a situation where Autodesk Vault is giving a lot of errors that pertain to your Filestore? You might need to run a Vault Filestore validation and check if there are any major problems. This video demonstrates how to run a Filestore validation in your Autodesk Vault.

Running the validation allows Vault to check the database vs what it sees in the Filestore.  You might ask why not just do a search.   It is not that easy as the Vault renames the files that you have checked in to something that is not recognisable.  The database will keep a check between the names in the filestore and what the corresponding name is in the Vault which you have entered.

That being said you need to also make sure that you have a valid backup once again when doing anything “different” to your Vault.  You do not want to lose any of your precious data.