Autodesk Vault icons – Part 1


So you have just started with Vault and while in different states of checking in and checking out you notice some icons have appeared next to your parts and assemblies…but what does it all mean?

This document will help identify what exactly is going on with your files and which state they are in whilst traversing the space between Vault server and your local workspace.

When starting a file and clicking on the Vault tab on your browser you might see a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark.

  • This indicates that the Vault is not open.

Upon logging into the Vault you will notice the following.

  • The green bubble with the tick tells me that my local copy is checked out to me and is also newer than the version in the vault.
  • The white bubble and the green plus signifies that the file is not in the Vault and needs to be added.

When checking out a file you will see the following icon.

  • A white bubble with a tick tells me that the file is checked out and the local version is the same as the Vault version.

If you open a previous version of a file you get the following.

  • A triangle signifies a historical version of the product (not the latest version)

If you work in a team and you open a drawing you might see the below.

  • A red dot which signifies that there is a copy both on your local workspace as well as in the Vault but the Vault version is newer than your copy in the local workspace.