Autodesk Vault – Item Properties


Autodesk Vault Items are defined by Autodesk (on their website) as the following.

Items refer to what a company manages, assembles, sells, and manufactures. An item is identified by its item number or part number. Items typically represent:

  • Parts
  • Assemblies
  • Consumable goods such as fluids, lubricants, and artwork
  • Bills of Material  

When you assign an item number to documents in Vault the properties that you have assigned to the documents can be mapped to the properties of the Item.

When creating an item where all you need is the metadata that goes with it trying to add or modify property information can be a frustrating exercise if you are new to Vault.

What normally happens is you create an Item in the Item Master and assign and edit the properties.

Select which Category the Item will be.

Create and save the Item.

In your environment any item that is created might need the stock number or part number for your downstream engineering processes.

To edit the Item property once it has been created, select the Item and on the right hand side select edit properties.

If there any additional properties you need to add, click on select properties.

In the below image you are able to edit Stock Number and Part Number but not the rest.  How do we make these fields editable?

Click on Tools – Administration – Vault Settings

On the Behaviours Tab select the properties button highlighted below.

In the Property Definitions, scroll down to the property that you want to be editable in your items and double click on the row.  Select the drop down arrow next to associations(seen below) and scroll down to the Item options.  Select (tick)  which categories from the Item you would like to be editable for the Description property.

Click on Close and navigate back to your Item and select Edit Properties.  You will notice that Description is now editable in addition to Part Number and Stock Number.