AutoDRAW – Getting started


To get started with AutoDRAW you first need to load the files that you will be working with.  There are 2 different load methods.  First level models and all models.  First level models will bring in all parts and assemblies that are 1 level below the main assembly level and as the name implies all models will bring in all the files in the main assembly.

Sort on BOM item number will sort the information from item number 1 upwards.

Expand/Collapse tree will open or close the tree in its entirety.

Application options sets up things like which template to use for the part or assembly drawings (they can be different), which features to show centre lines on when creating your views (hole, fillet, cylindrical, revolved).   This can also be set differently for part vs assembly view creation.  Where to save your drawing that has been created and more.

View layout options configures where and how the views are created.  You can also specify the margins where the title block and parts list will be situated so that any views created will not be created over these.

There are 2 different types of drawings that can be created.  Your general Front, Side, Top and ISO drawing as well as a sheetmetal drawing which provides specific information pertaining to the sheetmetal.  For the second option, the part needs to be an Inventor sheetmetal part as well as the part needs to have been unfolded.

The filter for the columns is extremely powerful and allows you to really drill down to the exact parts and assemblies you need to create drawings for.