Bill of Materials – BOM 


When creating assemblies in Inventor once the design is done, you would probably look at creating a Bill of Materials (BOM) to document and list what is contained in the assembly.  This can include part number’s, stock codes, materials and any iproperties that you would find in the parts that make up the assembly.

This BOM is in a table format and can be manipulated very similarly to an excel spreadsheet

To create a BOM you will find the Bill of Materials button on the manage panel.


This opens the BOM dialog box.

It is automatically populated with information that is obtained from the iproperties of the parts and sub-assemblies in the main Assembly that you have opened.


From the picture above you can see that the BOM gets populated with 7 columns.

  • Part Number – the name of the part
  • BOM Structure – Normal, Inseperable, Purchased, Phantom, Reference
  • Unit QTY – The measure of the part (could be mm,in)
  • QTY – How many of these parts exist in the assembly
  • Stock Number – Stock Code
  • Description – A description of the part or assembly
  • Rev – What revision the part is on

You can add and remove columns from your BOM as well by right-clicking on any of the column headers and then selecting Runtime Column Customization.



This brings up all the properties that you would typically find in an Inventor part or assembly.


You can create a Bill of Materials (BOM) from within your assembly environment or access it from creating a Parts List in an .idw and then going to the right click menu of the Parts List and it will take you to the BOM of the Assembly.