Changing the location of routing line, relative to pipe.


This is a quick easy trick that some Plant 3D users may have overlooked.

When running pipe, it is helpful to be able to change the default running on the center line to another point of the pipe,

This is known as the routing line and is very useful when placing pipe on any already laid out pipe supports or along with existing steelwork.

To change the routing line offset,

Go to your Ribbon, then on the home Tab, on the Elevation and Routing Panel,

Select the Dropdown.

You can now set or change the location of where the routing line is in relation to your Pipe.

By default, the alignment is to the Centre of Pipe (COP)

so, the routing line shares the same line as the pipe’s centreline.

There are also the normal alignment options you may have seen when adjusting pipe,

Top of Pipe (TOP), and Bottom of Pip (BOP)

Then there is also Top Left/Right, Center Left/Right and Bottom Left/Right

As you can see in the image below, when using the Top Left alignment,

We are able to easily align the pipe to the top of the steelwork.

This way you can quickly and accurately route the pipe where every you need to go.

There is also another little trick on the Elevation & Routing panel.

Pipe Elevation control and Snapping,

This will set the default elevation and you can use the Toggle Elevation Snap to lock it.