Computer says Noooo – Autodesk Activation Problems


I have had a few issues activating Autodesk software on the new licensing system.  So much so that I would have to call in the big guns (Autodesk) on a few occasions because I just could not get it to work.  When getting hold of someone I would be informed that there was an issue on the Autodesk side.

Trying to activate would loop the product and AutoCAD would just keep on asking you to fill in your account details and password.

If the product loops like this make sure that the license is assigned to the correct user in the main Autodesk account.

If the user is assigned properly my workaround would be to run it as a trial until we could get hold of Autodesk support so at least the users do not have any downtime.

How is this done you may ask.

To access the trial version you would have to select the very small blue print at the bottom of the page where you decide whether you would like to activate as a multi user or a single user.

The next page that came up (which seems to appear often when trying to activate) is that the trial period has ended.  How can this be when it is a fresh installation???

The trick to this is to look down at the bottom right corner and select enter an activation code.

This brought up the old “would you like to activate or run the product” dialog box.  Obviously select run…

While running the trial you are then able to get hold of Autodesk support and activate the software correctly.