Configurator 360 – Auto update and usage updates


On the Options tab you have some Auto-update options.


  • Let user choose – this gives the user the option of having auto-update on after we have finish with the setting of the configurator
  • Always on – The model will always update after you change any setting on either the form or the user parameters
  • Always off –  The model will not automatically update.  The update button will be visible to update accordingly

Update behaviour

  • Assume parameters are independent (fast) – This allows you to make multiple changes to the model and then send all the changes to the server after pressing the update button
  • Assume parameters are interdependent (slower) – This setting will send the change to the server after each change

Under your daily usage limit you can set the amount of sessions that can be used per day.

The definition of a session starting is as follows.

When an end user opens a design a session begins and your session allotment goes down by one. A user’s activities within a session, such as configuring a design, downloading various formats, or requesting a quote, do not affect usage. There is no limit to design size or complexity and no limit to the session duration. If you sign in as an administrator, you can view and configure your own designs and complete all other necessary administrator functions without impacting your allotment.

The definition of a session ending is as follows.

  • Open another design, thus starting a new session
  • Close the browser tab or window
  • Are inactive in the session for 30 consecutive minutes while the design is still showing. A warning displays after 10 minutes of inactivity (you can view other web pages while the design is active).
  • Navigate away from the design and go to another web page
  • Sign out or sign in as a different user

You can also monitor how many session were consumed for the day, the total and how many sessions you have left.

Finally you will be notified 3 times (at a number set by the administrator) before the final notification of when all your sessions have expired.