Configurator 360 – Embedding and Misc




Configurator models can be embedded into your website as well.  Imagine the client browses to your website and sees something he likes and there right in front of him is the Configurator viewer for him to add the necessary changes that they want for the unit.  Presses the RFQ button and now you have a potential new client.

The embedding button on the side panel allows you to under the options tab allows you to control which websites can embed your designs. Don’t want your opposition stealing your ideas.  You can also specify more than one website to embed the Configurator 360 viewer.

Under the misc button we have some add-ins that can be used statically by Inventor.

The add-ins are the following

  • Frame Generator
  • Tube and Pipe
  • Cable and Harness
  • Mold Design
  • Content Center
  • Design Accelerator

Configurator 360 does not include the add-ins listed above, so files generated by these add-ins will not be updated or modified or replaced. Select the options above to tell Configurator 360 to accept files generated by these add-ins, and use them statically (no updates). If unchecked, Configurator 360 will raise an error at upload-time. Unchecking the option does not affect any previously-uploaded designs.

You are also able to share files via A360 drive.   The administrators that you have assigned under users  will then have acces in the folder  named ‘C360_75090594844126395/data’.  Under log setting you can have C360 send errors created by the users only or users and administrators or no errors at all.