Configurator 360 – an Introduction


When designing in Inventor and making use of iLogic, it is normally only the designer who has access to the design. Let’s face it you do not want to give access to all the design files to any old Tom, Dick or Harry as a little knowledge can be extremely dangerous.

Autodesk has come up with a nifty piece of cloud-enabled software that can transfer ownership of the design files (with iLogic rules) to non-CAD users.  It is called configurator 360 (C360).

C360 is a great tool that allows non-CAD users to access and configure an Inventor model with or without iLogic rules through an Internet browser.  To control the model you will change the user parameters that was created in Inventor.

In the top left corner, you will find the controls for the model in C360.

The top control is for changing the user parameters.  You have the option to delay the update of the model.  If the Immediate Update box is not ticked then the graphics out of date notice will be displayed.

Configurator 360 - an Introduction

The second button is for the output of 2D and 3D CAD file formats as well as flat files like jpegs and png files.  You are also able to output a Bill of Materials of the assembly in a .txt file format.

The third button is for requesting a quote.  Once the information is filled out then an email will be sent to your design or sales team with the details of the potential client.

Configurator 360 - an Introduction

Included in this email will be a link to the RFQ details as well as the model in configurator 360.  You are also able to download the assembly model to open directly in Inventor.