Configurator 360 – RFQ Setup


Configurator 360

On the RFQ Setup (request for quotation) tab you can setup an automatic emailing system to ask for a quote to be generated.  You can setup multiple emails to receive the RFQ.  If you have multiple email addresses it needs to be separated by a semi-colon. You can also have personalised text for the RFQ button as well as custom text to go with it.

When the client or salesperson fills out the details for receiving an RFQ you can specify what is mandatory information that needs to be filled out before the RFQ is emailed to the relevant email addresses.

The tick boxes on the left is what will be displayed on the the RFQ dialog box.  The display name is the text to be displayed. You can have default text or if you leave it blank then the client or salesperson will fill out their details.  If the required tick box is checked then it is mandatory to fill in that information.

Configurator 360

As you can see above the dialog box turns red as well as displays Required for the fields that need to be filled out.

As you can see a personalised email is sent to the email addresses specified.

If you select RFQ it opens up a page with all the details that were filled out by the client. Under actions, you are able to OPEN the model as well as DOWNLOAD the configurated model to open directly in Inventor.

Configurator 360

Back to RFQ’s page will show you all the RFQ’s that you are currently working on.