Configurator 360 Settings – Designs


When setting up Configurator 360 (C360) you have the ability to control what gets seen and who is able to interact with the model that you have uploaded.   In the administrator account of C360 click on Designs and you will see a list of all the designs that have been uploaded. On the right hand side of each model you will see a few options.

Unrestricted viewing allows anyone to see the model and configure.  The Authorised Users Only option sets the C360 page to only allow authorised users with a valid Autodesk Account to be able to see the model.    Admins only, only allow users that you have given Admin rights to see the model.  This is controlled on the Users tab.

The icons on the right do the following.

  1. This icon opens the model in the Catalog Browser.
  2. This icon will send an email with a link to the model that you would like to share for configuration.
  3. This icon allows you to edit the user parameters.  The parameters can either be from a Form that you have created in an iLogic project or User Parameters that you have prepared in the model itself to drive the different dimensions.
  4. This icon opens up the album of images that you can use for the thumbnail of the design.
  5. This icon controls the version of the model that you would like to access.  A version is created each time you update/upload the model from Inventor.
  6. This icon will delete the model from your catalogue.