Copying Inventor Assemblies – Part 1


When using the skeletal modelling technique in any 3D parametric package one needs to be aware of the fact that changing the skeleton part or sketch that is driving the design  will change any and all parts, assemblies and drawings still linked to that primary skeleton object.

Knowing this, we need to find an effective way to copy all the necessary files needed and have them cut the link to the primary or first skeleton part that was created.

Inventor has various solutions for successfully copying.  I will go through a few of them that I think are useful.

First prize for anyone using Inventor is Copy Design using the Vault and why not’s FREE.  Okay just the cost of an Application Engineer setting it up and 1 day training but you get so much out of it.

Never again will you have an instance where Inventor needs to ask for a file because you inadvertently changed the name through the Windows file explorer.

In Vault, the Copy design tool allows you to copy and re-use parts, assemblies and drawings in a way that there will never be a situation where  you ponder if the file you are using is the correct one.  Ever created a file named Part 1 because you were on a tight deadline? Vault has an option that will not allow you to duplicate file names.  Again negating Inventor asking which file to use as is the case when you copy a designa nd paste it in the same project folder.

Take my word for it.  Inventor will look for the original file and you will get frustrated trying to change parts with your skeleton file.