Creating a Job in CAMduct


When starting a job in CAMduct you can decide whether you would like to create your content using the Imperial library or the Metric library. (inches or mm)1





With this configuration selected you will then click on Create blank Job.    The all too familiar window pops up again but after reading the help files I was ready for it this time.


With the Job Contents button selected you will see nothing in the panel below because we have not inserted any Items into our Job.  To insert items (straights,elbows) we will ne to go either to our item folders or our Quick Takeoff.   Item Folders gives a folder structure tree on the left hand side and then your viewing panel on the right hand side.  It is exactly like your Windows File Explorer.  You have different view opetions as well in Item Folders.  You have different view options as well.









To insert an Item into the job you can do the following.  Right Click on the name of the Item that you want to insert into the Job and then click on Add to Job.


This will open up the Item for you to edit eg length and width) and then also the quantity.  You will then click on the Accept button in the bottom right hand corner to insert the Item into your Job.  Another way to do it is to just double click the Item that you want to insert.  It is a little quicker than having to right click and then press the Add to Job.


You will see at the bottom right hand corner you also have a Develop button.  This is to develop the flat pattern of the Item that you are inserting to be able to use in Automatic nesting later in your workflow.6