Creating an End Type and for Joints in Plant 3D – Part 1



If you want to create a new End type with the joint then follow from here,

Create a new 3D drawing (Just to keep things easy to use)

Type the Command:


In Dynamic Input


In Command Bar

The Manage Endcodes Menu should open,

Click the Add Button.

The Manage Endcode menu pops up,

  1. Give the New Endcode Name,
    1. This is what you will see as the Endcode, such as BV, FL, SO, Etc…
  1. Add a Description,
    1. This is just a descriptive element that describes the joints function to the user.
  1. There are 3 extra options
    1. Can cutback: Allows for cutback components, changing the length to suit.
    2. Flange like:      Will require a bolt set
    3. Wafer like: Single bolt set in an assembly, like a typical Wafer Butterfly Valve assembly.
  1. Click OK when you are done.

You will return to the Manage Endcodes menu.

Scroll down and check the new connection you have made.

If you are happy click OK or select the component you made and click Modify and change to suit.

Next, we have to assign the Endcodes to Joints.

Run the Project Setup.

The Project Setup menu pops up.

Navigate to: Plant 3D DWG Settings > Piping Connection Setting.

Click Add.

The Add Joint menu pops up,

Add the Joint name and Display name,

Then set the Connection settings on both Ends 1 and 2 to your new connection we made previously,

(In some cases, you may need two different types)

Click Add Property.

The Select Class Properties menu opens.

Normally we use the Nominal Diameter.

Select OK when done.

You should return the Add Joint OR Modify Joint menu,

if editing an existing component .

Note the Nominal Diameter is now required for the Joint to work. (It gets this from the part)

On the Fasteners, Select Universal or the Fastener type that suits your needs.

Click Add/Modify.

Next, lets add it to the Compound Joint for later use,

Select Auto flange joint,

Then Click Modify.

The Setup Compound Joints Menu Opens,

Due to this being a flange, On the Right Side at END 2:

Scroll down and Check the box on the new joint we made.

This now allows the Auto flange to work with our new joint.

Click Modify.

Your new Joint and Endtypes are ready to go,

Check the Auto Flange Joint at End 2 to see that the Joint is assigned.

Click OK on the Project Setup menu to apply the changes.

To use these, you may need to bind them to the equipment using the Spec editor,

This is covered in Part 2 – Here