Creating an End Type and for Joints in Plant 3D – Part 2


Assign the End type in the Spec/Catalog for use in components – Spec editor and Plant 3D

In Part 1 we set up the End type,

This is what we are going to now use in our new components.

If starting a new Catalog,

I would suggest copying components from another and then adjusting items to suit and then add the missing components manually.

This saves a lot of time and effort as you already have a lot of information filled in, like SKEY and Sizes, Shapes Etc…

Open your Spec Editor,

Open the Spec you are using,

Find and Open a Catalog that has the Components you wish to reuse and the Catalog you will be using.

Open the Catalog,

Navigate to the Component you wish to reuse and Right Click on it.

In the Popup Menu, Select Copy.

Select the Catalog you will be using,

Right Click in the Catalog Browser Window area.

Select Paste off the popup menu.

Select the New Part, you can Edit Details to your needs,

End Type can vary depending on the Component.

If you are using a flange like I am using,

Then click the Arrow to Select Port 2.

Then Assign the End Type to the new Joint we made in Part 1 or whatever you choose.

Note that if you do choose, you need to make sure it was set up in the project file for the intended joint type.

Once done, click Save to catalogue to confirm the changes.

The changes should now reflect.

When editing things like pipes, it’s most of the time easier for you to just set all your ports to have the

same properties, such as to your new joint.

Don’t forget to Save to Catalog when you are done.

When you are done editing,

Select all the new items,

Then Right click and select Add to Spec,

Select your Spec file,

Then click OK.

If the components are already in,

Go to the Spec Editor TAB, Select the components, Right Click and Check for Updates from Catalog.

Once they a have updated Select Save All.

Select Update spec parts to match catalog parts.

Now we go to our plant 3D environment to check everything.

Don’t forget to update the Spec.

You may need to switch to another spec and back to force the tool pallet to update.

The Joints should now be attaching without issues.

If the give issues, check how the joints and end connections are setup in the Project Setup.