Creating Custom Tube & Pipe Styles in your Inventor Assembly

When you create a custom Tube and Pipe style in an assembly, you would think that if you saved that assembly as a template it would also remember the custom Tube and Pipe Style would also be available. It is not. The templates for your Tube and Pipe styles are saved in your Design Data folder.

To create your custom style you should follow these steps.

  • Open a new assembly and save it. (it does not matter where you save it)
  • Create a new pipe run.

  • Go to Tube and Pipe settings and create your new tube and pipe style with your custom pipes and fittings.

  • With Tube & Pipe Runs assembly active right click on Run01 and select delete

  • Activate The top level assembly by clicking on Finish Tube and Pipe

  • Right click on Tube and Pipe Runs in the browser and select Generate Tube & Pipe Template.

  • The following message pops up stating where Inventor is saving your custom Tube and Pipe Style.

  • Close the assembly.
  • Create a new assembly.
  • Your new Tube & Pipe style is ready for use

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