Creating Equipment templates in AutoCAD Plant 3D


If you don’t have access to Autodesk Inventor and are working with a few standard pieces of equipment in Plant 3D

You can create a customized version of this equipment in the Create Equipment menu and save it for later use,

This includes embedding things like sizes, equipment manufacture, weight, etc…


To start with, go to the Home Tab of the ribbon, Equipment Panel and select Create button.





The Create Equipment window should open,

Select the equipment drop down and choose the correct class that matches the new equipment.

There are some pre-made types though to create a new one, you will need to use New Horizontal or New Vertical.



















Click add shape to add primitive shape in, we string these shapes together to create more complex shapes,

We want to try creating more of an overall envelope of the piece of equipment than a detailed model.



















There several primitive shapes to choose from in the drop-down menu,

The size can be customised on the right in the Dimensions panel

a preview is seen of the current object on the left,

the General panel allows us to pre-set the Description, Tag and Elevation.




















You can also Add Trim (Skirts, supports, etc..) to an object or Remove sections.



















In the Properties Tab, you can add information to match your Equipment,

When you are happy with it,

You can save it by going to Templates,

Then selecting Save current setting as template.





















Select a location on your system or network,

give the new equipment template a file name,

Then Save.














Now when we want to reuse it,

Open the Create Equipment menu,

Select Templates, More Templates





















Browse to the location of the saved equipment,

Select it and then select Open.














The previously save shapes and even information is recreated.