Cross Licensing of AutoCAD PC and for MAC


A few years ago Autodesk introduced AutoCAD for MAC to the world and boy was everybody happy. It did not have all the bells and whistles, that ran on a PC but it ran on a MAC and that was good enough for the MAC fundi’s out there.

Fast forward to 2015 and it is a pretty sleek outfit with most of the functionality that PC users enjoy so current users were asking how they could get onto MAC if they had already purchased the normal version. Did they have to purchase a new version for MAC or was there a crossgrade price? I am happy to say none of the above.

Users are entitled to cross-platform licensing. What this allows you to do is either install the to MAC or PC regardless of which license you bought.

So if you bought the software for PC and wanted to run it on your MAC that you have just recently acquired all you would need to do is download the MAC files and install using the same serial number but the product key for the MAC version.

Below I have put in all the serial for both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. (Yes!! you can cross-License AutoCAD LT)

Product Keys


  • MAC – 777D1
  • 001G1
  • MAC – 827G1
  • LT – 057G1


  • MAC – 777F1
  • 001F1
  • LT for MAC – 827F1
  • LT – 057F1


  • MAC – 777E1
  • 001E1
  • LT for MAC – 827E1
  • LT – 057E1


  • MAC – 777D1
  • 001D1
  • LT for MAC – Not Available
  • LT – 057D1

Just a little note: Cross-licensing is only available on 2015 Desktop subscription as there was no 2014 Desktop license available.