Current vs Previous Autodesk License Types and How to Activate Them


There has been a lot of change in the Autodesk World with the naming convention of their products.  In this blog I am going to try and help alleviate some of the confusion that has been buzzing around out there.

Previously we had the perpetual license type for Autodesk Products.  This license type had a subscription portion attached to it as well which gave you certain benefits like receiving the upgrade software when it was released if it was within 12 months of paying that subscription portion.

There was also 2 different licensing models that you could purchase.  A Single License Model and a Network License Model.

The Single License Model would allow the Software to be installed on 1 PC and 1 PC only.  Allowing use to just 1 user.

The Network License Model would allow the software to be installed on multiple PC’s and the license resides on a Computer/Server that is always on and available.

Both these licenses will work forever and a day provided your Operating System can still run the software.

In a previous post I mentioned that the world was changing with the way that software is being supplied to consumers.  Software is now a “pay as you go” service.  If you don’t pay, you don’t play.

With this change Autodesk has also started to rename their offerings.  You will hear the acronym DTS being flung around.  That stands for Desktop Licensing.  That is their subscription offering for Autodesk products.

The Single License model for DTS activation process has changed slightly.  You still need to activate the product, either directly over the Internet or by applying for an activation code through the Autodesk website.  The additional step is for the user to login with their Autodesk account. But before they are granted access they need to be given rights/permission by the Account Manager to use the software.

For the Network License model, the name has changed to Multi-User but the way you activate and how it works is exactly the same as previously.  You apply for the network license with your serial number, the Hostname of the computer with LMTools on it, as well as the MAC address.  You will then get a .lic file which has an expiry date.

I hope that helps and enjoy the rest of the week.