Customizing Inventor Start Page – Projects/Shortcuts/File Details

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Customizing Inventor Start Page – Projects/Shortcuts/File Details

Part 2 of 2
The panel in the top right corner of the start page contains 3 different pieces of information.   A projects tab, a shortcuts tab and a File details tab.

The Projects tab lists all the projects that have been created in Inventor.   To switch to the different projects you double-click the project that you want active.  On the right-hand side of the project panel, you will find all your project settings.

Name – the name of the project

Type – is this a single user project or a vault project

Location – where is the project file located

Workspace – where the Inventor files are saved and searched for

Workgroup Search Paths – shared network locations where Inventor searches for files

Libraries – the location of all library folders whether they are local or on the network

Frequently used subfolders – commonly used folders located under the main workspace folder

The Shortcuts tab allows you to add shortcuts for different folders.  These do not have to be specifically Inventor files that you are searching for.

Under the shortcuts tab, you are also able to add Links.  These links can be any files that reside on your computer or a URL on the internet.

For instance, if you add a link to a video file and select the link it will open up in your default video software desktop app.  The URL is handy when you need to quickly open a website like the Inventor ideastation.

The File Details tab gives property information of any files you have selected in the Recent Documents bottom panel.