Design Software – Manufacturing and Build Convergence


Traditionally when you were looking at purchasing a CAD software package using software you had 2 choices.  AutoCAD and then a product that would be specific to your industry.

In this post we are going to take a look at the MFG and Build industries and the trend that we are seeing between the software that has helped the industry thus far.

There has been a great divide for software between these 2 industries as the process to get from concept to final product was vastly different.  Recently the Build environment has started adopting manufacturing processes. This has helped speed up the erection and completion of buildings.

Example –  Recently in China a 57 story building was erected in 19 days.

This is incredible!! and how did they achieve this, through pre-fabrication.  Starting to think how to create buildings through already established manufacturing processes.

Designers, because of this convergence, are also trying to integrate models from their manufacturing industry software into the build industry software as even the client want to see more and more integration of all aspects of their project that they are envisaging.

Autodesk are striving to achieve this symbiosis their software packages Inventor and Revit.  They have achieved this to a certain extent and it will just get better and better.

Models created in Inventor can be exported to Revit either by using a Revit family, IFC or Autodesk Exchange file.

Not all the modelling features that have been created in the manufacturing model need to be used (eg holes except for the important ones) or the internal components, so that can be stripped from the assembly.Inventor has tools for this so that the exchange can be seamless and painless.

Autodesk is a world leader with respects to creating product that is relevant as the world moves into a new era of integration and collaboration.