Desktop Subscription Questions – Part 2

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So how do I get started when I purchase a Desktop Subscription?

  1. You will receive an email from Autodesk as soon as your Desktop subscription is active. It will include information about your product like the name of the software eg AutoCAD LT, how long the subscription lasts for eg annual and also serial numbers, product keys and how many licenses you purchased.
  2. You will then log into your Autodesk account with your Autodesk login or if you do not have an Autodesk login you can sign up for one.
  3. You will then download your software from the Autodesk account (if you did not receive a media kit) and install.
  4. If you purchased more than one license you will need to add users to the main Autodesk account which is linked to the email address that you gave when purchasing the software.
  5. Launch your Software and PLAY… Okay one more thing before play is that the software needs to be activated. This is exactly the same as the single license manager perpetual licenses and it is done over the internet.

What happens if I cannot connect to the Internet?

You will need to be connected to the internet to activate your Desktop Subscription license as well as an internet connection every 2 weeks so that the license can be verified with the Autodesk servers. This is what you see if you have not had an internet connection in 2 weeks.