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A question that we get asked often is where can I download my Autodesk software. All the documentation points to the Autodesk account but I have found that it can be difficult sometimes.  One of the main reasons that software cannot be downloaded is that it has not been assigned to you by the administrator of the account. (normally the office manager).

To check if the software is available login to your Autodesk account and navigate to all products and services as per the below image.

If you do not see any software being referenced then you have not been assigned any software by your account manager.  One of the main reasons I find that it has not or is unavailable to be assigned is that when software is purchased, it is automatically assigned to the account manager and they have forgotten that it needs to be unassigned from their account first.

If you want to download the software without accessing your account, I find the easiest method is to use the AVA website.

This allows you to download the software (you do need to login to use the site) as well as answers frequently asked questions.  If you are lucky you can even get to live chat with an Autodesk representative to quickly.

The one advantage I see with downloading the from AVA is that it downloads the compressed files so that you can copy it to other computers quickly and easily. The downside with downloading the complete 2022 software is that you cannot customise the install.

To do that you need to go into the Autodesk account and create a deployment.  This will then create an EXE file which you will then run on each computer that you want it installed on and it will download the software each time and install.  This is great but if you do not have great internet it can be a bit of a bother.

Autodesk offers many different avenues for downloading and installing and like with the use of their software, you need to find the way that works best for you.

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