Downloading Autodesk 2017 Software


Autodesk has started rolling out their 2017 software (YAY!) and everyone is clamouring to get it up and running.   One thing to remember is that Autodesk is not automatically sending out memory sticks with the software on it anymore.  If you would like the software from your Reseller there is a cost involved.  You can also order it through your Autodesk account and it is free but you will be required to pay the Duties and Delivery Cost.

The downloads are available from your Autodesk account.  As you open your account you will see the products that are available to you and a download button next to the product.


Clicking on Download will take you to the download page for all the versions of that product that you are eligible for.


Now being in South Africa with our fantastic Bandwidth means that for any big downloads we only want to download it once and then spread the love throughout the office.  Checking through some of the 2017 products it seems that doing that through your Autodesk Account is not going to be possible.   I do not know if it is because Autodesk are changing the system from 2016 to 2017 and it will be available later but I do have a workaround.

You can download the trial software from the following Autodesk Free Trial software.  I know, I know it says trial software but it is still the same software that you would receive if you downloaded it from your Autodesk account or received it on a USB disk from over the Ocean !!

So to get your software (and only have to download it once) you can go to .



Select the software that you want to download and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Download trial using Download Manager.


This will open a EULA which you have to accept by ticking the 2 tick boxes and then select continue.


The Autodesk Download Manager will open and start downloading the software that can then be copied to your server and installed on the PC’s that are thirsting to feel the power of 2017!!!!

8Happy downloading South Africa J