Dynamic Blocks – Seeing it in Action


So we have seen dynamic blocks in action but have never seen how to make one.

I have created a few videos that will help you visualize what needs to be done.

The first video is using the stretch parameter and action.

Apply the stretch parameter by selecting 2 points.  Apply the stretch action to the parameter and then select where you want your stretch action second point to be as well as where your stretch action will lie. You will then select the objects that you want to move and stretch (exactly the same way as if you were using the normal stretch command.)   Test the dynamic block.


The second video uses the rotate parameter and action.

When applying the rotate parameter select the point you want the objects  to rotate around.  Specify the radius of the parameter and then the angle that the object will start at.   Select the rotate action and select the parameter you just placed.  Select the objects you want to be part of the rotation. Test the dynamic block.


The third video makes use of the align parameter.  This parameter does NOT need an action.  You select the line that where you want to align the block by clicking on 2 points.  Test the dynamic block.


The fourth video demonstrates the flip parameter and action.   Select the flip parameter and select the 2 points which will represent the line to flip/mirror around.


The fifth video demonstrates how to create a lookup for the parameters that you create.


The last video demonstrates how to use the stretch parameter and when stretching it will elongate from the middle in both directions.