Enhancing Inventor – Tools for Inventor – BOM Tools Pro- Part 2


BOM Tools Pro has some nice functionality when it comes to what is included when you load the BOM of an assembly.  If you select BOM Load Options you can customise what parts are included when you load the BOM.








The options you have are to include or exclude Content Center Parts, Library Parts and Purchased Parts.  You also have the option to only import Sheetmetal Parts.

You can control the number of decimal places you have in any measurements that you load into your BOM as well as if you would like to see the unit string (ie  mm,in etc)








As you can see, the mm unit string has been taken away and there are 4 decimal places for the values.














The export to excel settings allow you to customise the excel header style and excel body style font size and row height.

You also have the option to select which cell you start your data in.

Merged BOM Rows is a function in Inventor which detects parts that have different filenames but the same part number.  It will then merge those rows into one row and update the quantity accordingly.

BOM Tools has the ability to detect and show you the parts that have been merged.  When you load the BOM it will tell you that it has detected Merged BOM Rows.

If you select the Merged BOM Rows you will be able to visually inspect the parts that have been merged. (ie have the same part number)

As you can see these 2 parts have been merged but are not the same.  To rectify this you would have to go into Inventor and switch off the Enable Row Merge setting that is found in the BOM of Inventor.