Enhancing Inventor – Tools for Inventor – BOM Tools Pro- Part 3


One of the features I really like in BOM Tools Pro is the search function for text in your BOM.  When you type in your text it will filter out the rows that do not contain that text.









As you can see it highlights the text that you are searching for.  You click the Clear button to get the other rows to reappear.

You can also filter out a specific from a colum by clicking on the filter button.  The filter button is situated on the header of each column.  It is not visible unless you hover your mouse over the header or click on the header.


If you select it a drop down menu will show you all the values that reside in the column.  You can choose as many of the values as you want and it will show the rows that have that value in it.

At the bottom of BOM Tools you will see what is being used for the filter.

On the bottom right hand side if you click on edit filter you are also able to  add and remove certain properties for your filtered search.


You can also save your current Column layout so that when you open BOM Tools Pro again it will remember what extra columns you inserted in your previous job.  If you need to share or are moving to a new computer and need a specific column layout that you created, you can also export and import the column layout that you have currently on your machine.

Finally you have the export to excel button.  This allows you to save your BOM that you have checked and configured to an excel spreadsheet…with thumbnails.