Enhancing Inventor


Automating functionality in the Autodesk Inventor software is not something that everybody does.  Inventor has it’s parametric functionality which automates the process of change when it comes to doing design.  This is fantastic and much easier than making changes in 2d especially if you have many views like the Top, Front, Side and Isometric views displayed on your page or layout.

There will still be the manual process of creating those views every single time you create a new design.  So how do you automate that process?

One of the ways that you could do it is through the API.  This is where things get very tricky if you do not know how to program.

Another way of doing this is to use the iLogic feature built into the software.  This helps immensely and it is all about logic.  If this, then that and and and…

If you do not want to go down that route then there are developers out there who have created apps that they believe will help others.  This is where the Autodesk App Store is very useful.  It is exactly like your Android Playstore and the iPhone iStore.   Some of the apps are free and others you will have to pay for.

Micrographics has created some very interesting Tools for Inventor which are available here.


They include some enhancement software for Ducting, Sheetmetal flat patterns for assemblies and many more.  I will be going into the software in more depth in the next few issues of enhancing Inventor to make your lives easier.