Exporting Plant 3D Model into AutoCAD


There is a common issue that people experience in Plant 3D,

That is, how do we share CAD models with other people? Especially from Plant 3D to plain, old AutoCAD DWG.

If you try open a Plant 3D model in AutoCAD, you will have probably noticed a few issues, mainly missing equipment and elbows.

What we need to do is convert the Plant 3D dwg to a normal 3D dwg using the export command.

It should be noted before doing this that this will not bring across any of the intelligence only the solid model geometry.

If you want to pull the information / data, you should consider exporting to Autodesk Navisworks, I will mention this at the end.


When you are in the drawing with the 3D model,

If you have Dynamic Input on, just type EXPORTTOAUTOCAD

Else type it into your command bar.

When prompted, Save the file.






In this example, I browsed to the Desktop.

Named the file something I can recognise.

Then saved the file.














Your Command bar should display that the file was successfully exported.




As you can see in the Image below,

The model has now been opened in normal AutoCAD,






















Your other option is to export the file to Navisworks,

You need to have both Plant 3D and Navisworks installed,

Then in Plant 3D, use the command NWCOUT.

You can then choose where the name and to save the file.

You can then open the linked file and have a real time image in Navisworks.