Factory Design Utilities


Factory Design Utilities

Most Factory layouts are created in 2D in AutoCAD but now you have the option of using Autodesk Factory Design.  Ask anyone who creates these layouts what they think about creating the layouts in 3D the answer would be a resounding NO!!  What if you could have the best of both world’s and you could continue working in AutoCAD?  Well maybe…

Introducing Autodesk Factory Design utilities for AutoCAD and Inventor.

Autodesk Factory Design Utilities (FDU) is one of the enhancements that is currently included in the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection.

FDU enhances both the capabilities of AutoCAD and Inventor in making sure that the work gets done more efficiently.  With the FDU add-on, you are able to quickly mock up the layout of the Factory with industry-specific assets (blocks and assemblies/parts).  Design in 2D – No problem…Design in 3D – No problem.  Change the design in 2D will change the design in 3D and visa versa.