Find and Replace for Inventor


When working on a design you can probably only guarantee one thing and that is change.  Whether it is the client changing their mind, the design of someone you are collaborating with, forces you to do a design change or maybe the fact that a deadline is looming and you need to start thinking off the cuff .  This off the cuff thinking sometimes leads to you reusing elements of a previous design where you might have standard stock sitting in the warehouse waiting for assembly.

There are tools directly within Inventor which will help you to replace a component, whether it be a part or a assembly, with another one.  As long as the relative shape is the same you should have no issues with the replacement. Be warned though that sometimes Inventor will not be able to solve the replacement with all the correct constraints or joints and this will lead to a bit of troubleshooting, but it will not be too much and you should have your model back up and running in a relatively short time.

To find the replace component command, select the parts or parts that you would like to replace and right click to get the right click menu.  Select component and there you will see either replace or replace all.

The command can also be accessed by selecting the drop down arrow below place components in the assemble ribbon and selecting replace or replace all.

To replace multiple components at the same time you can utilise the select all occurrences option.  Select the component that you want to replace and then right click and then click selection and then click on the select all occurrences button.

This will then open a dialog box which will allow you to search for the part or assembly that you want to swap it out with.

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