Funny Sounding and Useful Commands in AutoCAD


AutoCAD has some very useful commands which only power users know about.  Some of these are documented and others not.  Today I am going to go through a few commands which I find really handy and some which get a bit of a  chuckle when mentioned in the classroom.

My favourite command which always gets a good laugh in the classroom is the command OOPS.  Yes, you heard correctly oops.  Think of the following scenario.  You have been drawing for hours and delete something without thinking that it would be important.  You continue drawing and then think “hey where did that go?” and then you remember that you deleted it.

So what options do you have?  You can start clicking undo but the problem with that is that it undoes everything!  HELP!!!

So here comes Captain OOPS to the rescue.  This command will restore the last deleted item(s) in the drawing but it will only do it once.  So if you have any items that were deleted in a prior operation you will be out of luck.  So to activate the command just type in oops and press enter.  Done and dusted.

The second command that I find very useful is overkill.  Have you ever had lines on lines on lines?  You have?  No problem.  The overkill command will remove any duplicate or overlapping lines, arcs, and polylines.   To activate you either type in overkill or you can access the command from the Home Ribbon – Modify Panel.