Fusion 360 2D Drawings


When creating a Fusion 360 2D drawing, it works very much like a combination of Inventor and AutoCAD.  Automated but not automated.

When you bring in your first view you can change the appearance like the orientation (front view, side view, SW isometric view etc) or change the style (hidden lines visible, hidden lines removed, shaded views or shaded view with hidden edges). You can change the scale as well.

You also have options for tangent edges, interference edges and thread edges.

Once you have selected your Base View you can then create projected views, section views, and detail views.  They work all the same as Inventor.

You have the option to move, rotate and delete any view that you have created.  Unlike in Inventor, if you delete the base view that you created the projected views from, it will not delete the linked projected views.

You have the option of centrelines as well.  You can create centrelines by either selecting two parallel lines or by selecting a circle.

The dimensions are exactly like AutoCAD but not as powerful.  You have the power dimension command which works like Inventor’s dimensioning.  It will identify what dimension you are trying to put in.  For example, if you select 2 lines that are parallel it will put in the dimension of how far apart they are.  If you select 2 lines that are not parallel to each other it will put in an angular dimension.

You have a simplified version of multiline text as well as leader text.

All in all a good start to the drawing side for Fusion 360 but a long way to go to catch up to the likes of Inventor and the supreme 2D package in the world, AutoCAD.


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